Fiberglass Mesh

Coated Alkali-resistant fiberglass mesh cloth is based on C-glass or E-glass woven cloth and treated by alkali-resistance copolymer resin on the surface. The resin used for the surface treatment ensures the property of alkali-resistance and increases the mechanical durability that is required by the construction industry etc.. 


SOLID A500 water based adhesive has high solid rate.After the material is dried, there is a formation of transparent and elastic layer. Even at high drying temperatures, there is no change in chemical characteristics of the product..

Roof Underlays

MASTERMAX 3 Vapour-permeable underlays for discontinuous roofings, used as a subsidiary protective layer against moisture (liquid water penet- ration, wind-blown snow) and wind in pitched roof structures. Vapourper- meable and watertight funktion- membrane with polypropylene layer protection on both sides.


Our Hotmelt assortment is from EVA and rubber based hotmelt adhesives. 

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